This KC&T restaurant combines two menus that are in the highest demand in the Food & Beverages (F&B) market in Malaysia, namely Korean Fried Chicken and Taiwanese Pearl Milk Tea.

The only emerging Korean restaurant brand in Malaysia called Restoran KC&T has been working for 18 months and has spent RM500,000 in Research and Development (R&D) to find the best formulated foods as well as halal ingredients for used in food preparation.

KC&T Restaurant, which is an original brand from Malaysia, also opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs in Malaysia to open and own their own restaurant outlets For the early bird, the five earliest branches will receive great deals.

So, for anyone who is interested in running an F&B business and growing with KC&T Restaurant, you can grab this opportunity by signing up for the early bird offer. Selected applicants must undergo an interview and evaluation session after being contacted by KC&T later. We work, we manage and we share together.

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