KC&T is here to take the stage! KC&T (Korean Chicken & Tea) is the latest talk of the town brand which is under the Nippon Sushi and Myviets group. KC&T offers a unique proposition in the form of the best of both worlds – Korean Fried Chicken and Taiwanese Beverages Pearl Milk Tea, under the same roof. KC&T is a Quick-Service Restaurant set-up that focuses on take-away and delivery. Having said that, we do have space for dine-in in the outlet. The aim of KC&T is to resonate with the younger generation, Millennials and Generation Z.

According to Puan Siti Noraini, the owner of Nippon Sushi Group, the initiation of KC&T started at the end of 2019. The Group saw gaps in the local F&B offering and post business evaluation, and decided to invest RM500,000 on Research and Development to develop a comprehensive menu and the “tech-centric” operations. Due to the rigorous requirement for the Halal-Certification, especially for all the Taiwanese beverages, and all of the other challenges, especially Covid-19, the whole process lasted for 18 months. We are pleased with the final outcome from the team’s hard work and KC&T is now ready to take on the centre stage in the local F&B space.

More good news to share, Puan Siti Noraini would like to invite all young enthusiastic entrepreneurs to join the group. KC&T is now open for licensing and we will provide a holistic guide on how to run the business on a day-to-day basis which can be an advantage for people with no business experience. Do contact us to have an appointment for a Discovery & Chit-Chat Day at KC&T for an in-depth meeting.